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2DecShowing an example at the Nice Business Meeting

On December 2nd, Denis BISTEINOV, the head of Bisteinoff Web Agency has participated at the conference run by “Nice Business” community with the report “Online For Business: Current Trends”. The discussion was in 3 languages: Russian, French and English.

This time we observed the websites and web applications in the real estate sector. A comparative analysis of the websites of several agencies in Nice, France, New York City, NY, and Moscow, Russia was carried out to see the current trends and consider what could be further improved in the projects.

The audience was really active and involved.

I commend the restaurant 1847 for providing the platform for the event, the “Nice Business” community for the invitation, and the participants for their engagement in the discussion and for their highly relevant questions during and after the performance.

My special thanks to the photographer Maria who organized professional stunning photos of the event.

Head of Bisteinoff Web Agency


Head of Bisteinoff Web Agency and Web Developer. More than 10 years of experience in IT and Marketing. Skills: HTML+CSS, PHP+MySQL, JavaScript / jQuery, React.JS, Bootstrap, Wordpress.


We have much planned for the future, working with great clients and continued web development

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