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Personal Website of Top Stylist Valéry GALITSKI

About project

It is a personal website of a top stylist Valéry GALITSKI now working in Monaco, and Nice, France, who also offered his services in Moscow, Russia before March 2022.
The idea was to make a simple and aesthetically pleasing web platform to demonstrate his experience, his works, and give useful information.
The website has a responsive design and 3 language versions (French, English, and Russian). The stunning photo and video galleries show his professionalism and a special emotional attachement to his clients. All this helps to attract new customers willing to get the perfect service and the perfect result.

The website is made on CMS WordPress, thus giving the possibility to easily edit the information and create new content.

Client: Top Stylist Valéry GALITSKI

Category: Web development

Regions: Monaco, France, Russia

Languages: French, English, Russian

Start date: 25 Dec 2021

Finish date: 20 Jan 2022

CMS: WordPress

Design: Individual, Branding

Functionalities: Multisite, Web Forms, Photo & Video Carousels, Blog, Anti-Spam and Malware Security

Web technologies: HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, MySQL, Google Fonts, Beget

Optimisation: SEO Package, DB Robots.txt, Google Analytics, Yandex.Metrika, Social Links, CSS/JS Minify, Images optimized to WebP format (for compatible devices), Plugins Organizer.




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